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Scientific Committee

  • A. Abouelaz (Casablanca)
  • A. Boussejra (Kénitra)
  • S. Thangavelu (Bangalore)
  • B. Ørsted (Aarhus)
  • T. Oshima (Tokyo)

Organizing Committee

  • H. Ishi (Nagoya)
  • K. Koufany (Nancy)

Local Organizing Committee

  • R. Daher (Casablanca)
  • O. El Fallah (Rabat)
  • M. Yahyai (Kénitra)


Speakers / Titles

ABOUELAZ Ahmed (University Hassan II) : TBA

BAKLOUTI Ali (University of Sfax) : On the Lp-Fourier transform norm of some locally compact groups

BOUSSEJRA Hamid (University of Kénitra) : TBA

CLERC Jean-Louis (University of Lorraine - Nancy) : Singular conformally invariant trilinear forms

DAHER Radouan (University Hassan II) : TBA

DEMNI Nizar (University of Rennes) : Joint distribution of the moduli of k-tuple sampled from the heat kernel on the complex projective space

FARAUT Jacques (University of Paris 6) : Analysis of the minimal representation of O(3,3)

GINDIKIN Simon (Rutgers University) : Horospherical transform on pseudohyperbolic spaces

ISHI Hideyuki (Nagoya University) : Unitary highest weight representations of a certain solvable Lie group

KOBAYASHI Toshiyuki (University of Tokyo) : TBA

KOGISO Takeyoshi (Josai University) : Clifford quartic forms and local functional equations

MASHHOUR Bani Ata Ibrahim (PAAET-Kuwait) : On finite-dimensional division algebras over finite fields

NARAYANAN E. K. (Indian Institute of Science) : Bounded hypergeometric functions associated to root systems

ORSTED Bent (Aarhus University) : Elliptic boundary value problems and branching laws

OSHIMA Toshio (Josai University) : Hypergeometric systems and Kac-Moody root systems

OULD MOUSTAPHA Mohamed Vall (USTM, Nouakchott) : Some mathematical physic partial differential equations on symmetric spaces

SALHA Mamane (University of the Witwatersrand-Johannesburg) : Propriétés des familles de Wishart sur les cônes

SASAKI Atsumu (Tokai University) : Visible actions on spherical nilpotent orbits

SATO Fumihiro (Rikkyo University) : Integrals of Wishart-Siegel type and local functional equations

SHIMENO Nobukazu (Kwansei Gakui University) : Matrix-valued commuting family of differential operators associated with symmetric spaces of type A2

THANGAVELU Sundaram (Indian Institute of Science) : On the chaotic behaviour of the Dunkl-heat semigroup on weighted Lp spaces

ZHANG Genkai (Chalmers-Göteborg University) : Capelli identity and Radon transform